December 15, 2018

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Diane Udell at the oven, preparing to cook customer Christmas meals for Tippens Specialty Wine & Foods in Lodi Township Michigan

A Lot Of People Take Credit For Creating Diane Udell’s Home-Cooked Christmas Meals; That’s Okay, And You Can, Too

As of this morning when Diane Udell spoke with Saline Journal, she was already committed to making complete prime rib dinners for up to one hundred people by Christmas Eve Day. But that’s far from the end of it. Before her schedule is set, that number could increase by half-again as many; maybe more. And that’s not including cookies. Ms Udell is responsible for baking and catering at Tippins Specialty Wine & Foods in Lodi [...]
John Tripolsky, Saline Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Direct

Day 2 On The Job, And Our New Saline Area Chamber Of Commerce Director Has Little Desire To Sit In The Big Chair

With little fanfare, John Tripolsky officially became new Executive Director of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce yesterday. [1,2,3] Picking up where things left off with our debrief of his immediate predecessor, John Olson, we sat down with Mr Triposky for about ninety minutes this morning at our offices on East Michigan Avenue to discuss what he has inherited — and where he’d like to see things head. [4] He began by characterizing this Chamber [...]